Vision for South Peak

South Peak is a neighborhood where luxury meets practicality. It is a place where well-designed, high-quality craftsman condos and single-family homes offer all of the comforts of modern living. This is all complemented by a serene, wooded setting with amazing views of the surrounding mountains. With a state-of-the-art fitness center, planned office, retail and restaurant offerings, South Peak is a community where one can truly live, work and play. The area is designed to provide all of the luxuries of modern design while you can still feel the relaxation provided by mother nature.

The Offices at South Peak

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The South Peak neighborhood plan includes the construction of 7 office buildings, offering premier, class A office space to the Roanoke Valley. Bringing in new business benefits everyone and raises the overall quality of life. With wonderful views, easy access to downtown Roanoke, and all of the region’s many attractions, locating your business at South Peak makes this unique community a true live, work and play destination. Having everything in location makes life so much more enjoyable and easier to navigate. South Peak helps you discover a work-life balance that is different and unique in ways that only the area can provide.

The Shops at South Peak

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The South Peak neighborhood plan includes the construction of retail spaces. Building designs are meant to draw high-end, national retailers. This will, in turn, contribute to the luxury lifestyle that South Peak offers all of its residences. The addition of The Shops at South Peak will provide residents with shopping options right within the community in addition to all that Roanoke has to offer. While you can still explore the extended area whenever you want, South Peak will provide you with amenities close to home when you don’t feel like going too far for what you need.

Master Plan

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