Life With Altitude

Life With Altitude

It would be difficult to find a better style of living than in South Peak, Virginia. If you enjoy gorgeous mountain views out your front window, life with altitude, a safe neighborhood, an active lifestyle, and superb city offerings nearby, this slice of heaven has your name on it. Located in the beautiful Roanoke Valley, South Peak lies in the heart of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and has just about everything you could want and more.

Living at the Peaks in the Blue Ridge Mountains is an indescribable experience. With options to either lease or purchase a new home, you can try out the area with a lease or simply visit it once, fall in love, and call your moving company. With finely appointed homes that have luxury amenities galore, all you need to bring is a mountain bike, some hiking shoes, and a kayak to settle right in.

A LifeStyle to be Envied

If you decide to make life with altitude at The Peak your new home, you will have the convenience of maintenance-free living to allow for more time with family and friends as you delve into the natural surroundings and quality city living. From the great outdoors to top-notch restaurants and an amazing arts scene downtown, you can spend half a day kayaking, come home to freshen up, and then head downtown to round out your day. This is where the Roanoke Mountains meet the metro life and it’s just waiting to be explored.

Where to Go When You Go Out

When you live at The Peaks, you have nearby access to one of America’s most scenic roads – the Blue Ridge Parkway. You can take the “Family Roadster” out for a cruise on the weekend and stop at scenic overviews, friendly wineries, or at a pick-your-own-fruit farm. If you want to stay overnight, you will find numerous cabins, cottages and campgrounds spread along the Parkway.

If you would rather stroll than drive, take the gang downtown where numerous farmers’ markets offer locally grown produce such as peaches, apples, fresh greens, tomatoes and much more. These local markets also feature items such as fresh-baked bread and desserts, and many local artists have booths featuring blown glass, ceramics, jewelry and more. If you desire more than casual walking, the famous Appalachian Trail is just down the road. Life at The Peaks really does have everything that life can offer.

Finely Appointed Condominiums

Whether you are raising a family, enjoying your retirement, or are an upwardly mobile single, the lifestyle at The Peaks is easily adaptable to your needs. The luxury amenities are sure to pique your interest and have something for even the most sophisticated of tastes.

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If you enjoy beautiful views, great year-round weather and a vibrant city scene, check out availability of finely appointed homes at The Peaks in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Contact us today for more information and to find out how to move forward with the life you’ve always dreamed of. Life with altitude is calling your name.


Relaxation and Nature in Roanoke

There are so many reasons people come to the area of Roanoke. Some come for adventure and excitement in any number of outdoor activities. Others also want to enjoy nature and enjoy some relaxation at a more peaceful pace. For these folks, casual hiking, bird or wildlife watching, and canoe trips can be a lot of fun. Still others look to relax in the budding metro area with a diverse dining scene, several local breweries, a growing downtown with shops, and the town of Grandin.

Virginia’s Blue Ridge

The historic and beautiful mountains, along with the rises and dips in elevation, make Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains a favorite of not only hikers and cyclists, but drivers as well. The scenic views and fresh mountain air help to revive the body and mind. For many people, retreats to this area are a multiple-times-a-year “must”.

The entire range, known officially as the Blue Ridge Parkway, is nearly 470 miles long and stretches from Virginia to North Carolina. There are numerous mile markers and landmarks for travelers, as well as historic buildings and structures, waterfalls, and walking trails along the way. This is why it’s so popular with all types of travel. You can make your hike as short or as far as you’d like and you’re sure to run into an incredible view or historical site.

Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is quite possibly America’s favorite hiking region. Not only that, but there are countless other hikes within a short driving distance that can challenge and satisfy any skill or interest level in hiking. Overnight hikes, as well as some that offer fishing and other activities, are available as well.

To truly get the full Blue Ridge experience, however, you have to dedicate yourself to different modes of exploration. To see all this region has to offer, you need to do some climbing, biking, and paddling in addition to hiking. There are also lakes which have hundreds of miles of shoreline, as well as fantastic ATV and off-road vehicle trails. This area is also the mountain and street biking capital of the eastern United States.

Parks and Wildlife Near Roanoke

The outdoor activities available in this region, particularly the parks and wildlife near Roanoke, are simply too numerous to list or go over one by one. To give you an idea of the various options you have when it comes to entertainment and relaxation in nature, here are some examples:


  • Fairy Stone State Park
  • Clayton Lake State Park
  • Smith Mountain Lake State Park
  • Douthat State Park
  • New River Trail State Park
  • Natural Bridge State Park

These parks offer hiking and camping options to suit every skill level of outdoor enthusiast. Many of the trails have structures available to use for cover or shelter when camping overnight. There are often restrooms and other amenities available as well.

The wildlife adventures you can have all depend on what you prefer. You can go fishing if you are looking for sport, or you can simply go birding and animal watching if you just want to get a glimpse of nature. Horseback riding through various trails and local zoos are other attractions for animal lovers as well.

One thing is certain – you’re sure to love your time in Roanoke and create memories that last a lifetime. As well as be able to have some relaxation and take in the views.

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Ready to call this adventurous and relaxation area, home? Look no further than South Peak to live. South Peak offers residents endless views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the amenities expected of luxury living.  Contact us today to book a tour.

Roanoke Virginia

Roanoke, Virginia

Where can you go if you’re hoping to find luxury living in the South Peak area? Look no further – the designers at South Peak have you covered in Roanoke, Virginia. Take a look at just a few of the reasons you should consider a Roanoke condo.

South Peak, Roanoke, Virginia

South Peak is a luxury community with beautiful scenery that provides plenty of things to do whether you have a full family or are looking for a new place as an empty-nester. As South Peak, Roanoke, Virginia continues to grow, so too does South Peak’s luxury condominium offerings. The area is surrounded by a vibrant culture complete with family-oriented and run restaurants in the area as well as all sorts of physical activities to keep you busy and healthy. From outdoor recreation, shopping, museums or zoos, there are plenty of ways to stay occupied.

The Peaks in Roanoke, Virginia

The Peaks is a luxury community ready to welcome you home. The community offers a maintenance-free lifestyle that enables residents to spend time with their families, go away on extended vacations worry-free, or even just spend their days enjoying the hobbies that make them happy. The best part? The customizable aspect of the condominiums, of course. There are three different layout options that can be seen online.

Besides the different styles of layouts, there are also several floor plans that can meet your needs for condo-size whether you’re enjoying single living or need space for a large family. The condos feature a wide array of amenities, including walk-in closets and spacious kitchens. If you’re looking for a two-bedroom condo or larger, you’ll find a wealth of options at your fingertips. With nine different options for the layout and size of all of the spaces in the condo, there are plenty of choices at The Peaks to suit even the most exacting of needs.

Roanoke Townhouses

At the Estates, you have the chance to build your own home in this luxury community. There are a limited number of Roanoke townhouses available, however, which means that you’ll want to reach out to South Peak as quickly as possible to reserve your spot and customize your new home. The area has plenty to love, with a rich culture and arts community that embraces active artists as well as hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. Don’t wait too long to act – the community is meant to be spacious and luxurious, and it won’t end up overfilled. The residents expect a certain level of friendly design and open space, and that’s exactly what South Peak aims to provide.

As the community in South Peak, Roanoke, Virginia continues to grow, so does the vibrant social activity in the area. New business and shops designed to help meet the resident’s needs and provide a convenient and truly worry-free living experience are opening every day. The designers at South Peak are committed to providing an unforgettable and unbeatable residential experience in their communities. Reach out for more information – you won’t regret it.

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We can’t wait to show you luxury living at South Peak in Roanoke, Va. You can contact us at (540) 774-7762 extension 130 or contact us through our website.

Roanoke’s Premier Community

Roanoke’s Premier Community: South Peak

If you are looking for your next place to call home, then look no further. The Peaks at South Peak offer amazing luxury at affordable prices. Overlooking the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, this Roanoke’s premier community is situated perfectly between nature and the city. Located in the heart of the county, the entire area is undergoing a full revitalization.

This is the perfect time to find your new place and settle in. The upscale condominiums available in The Peaks at South Peaks provide maintenance-free living so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Whether it is cooking a meal in your state-of-the-art kitchen, or relaxing with a good book on your private patio or terrace, life in the Roanoke community can be whatever you want it to be. And because these homes are available for purchase or lease, you have the option of staying as long as you like.

Amenities at South Peak

Regardless of which model you choose, these luxury condos will fulfill your every need. The Chef’s Kitchen boasts numerous modern features, such as stainless appliances and a gas stove, custom cabinets, beautiful granite surfaces, and a spacious walk-in pantry.

They also offer large laundry rooms for washers and dryers, including lots of cabinet space and storage area. Here are just a few of the many other features available at South Peak:

  • Stone and timber custom fireplace

  • Welcoming and friendly common areas

  • Below-ground parking area with individual storage units for each resident

  • Gated entrance

  • Exclusive health and wellness spa with state-of-the-art fitness center and yoga facilities 

Local Cuisine, Culture, and Entertainment

The area around The Peaks at South Peak is booming with several different options in the way of dining and recreational activities. Whether you are looking for a diverse food experience, great places to shop, or want to catch a show, there is something here for you.

Shopping and Dining

As Roanoke’s premier community experiences its revitalization, it has brought with it resurgence in the dining and retail communities as well. With a diverse community and equally diverse culinary scene, the region has whatever type of food you are craving. And with everything from big box stores to local boutiques, all of your shopping needs are covered.

Arts and Entertainment

The arts community in Roanoke is alive and vibrant. With multiple facilities such as the Taubman Museum of Art, Mill Mountain Theatre, Jefferson Theatre, and the Berglund Center for Performing Arts, everything from international musical acts to stand-up comedy is available here.

The Great Outdoors

For those that enjoy physical activity and exercise with their entertainment, this region certainly does not disappoint. From hiking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains to street biking, and with Smith Mountain Lake only a short drive away, everything you need is right here. 

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Ready to call South Peak home? We are here to answer your questions and help you figure out the right space for you. Contact us today!

The Peaks

The Peaks Offer Maintenance Free Living and Adventure

Do you enjoy the outdoors and breathing in fresh mountain air? Do you crave beautiful mountain views to match your active lifestyle? Check out South Peak located in The Peaks in Roanoke, Virginia for some adventure. South Peak offers easy access to parks, mountain trails, and downtown shopping districts. 

Enjoy the Many Amenities of South Peak

Roanoke Valley, South Peak is near the Blue Ridge Mountains and has all of the amenities and more for the outdoor lover. 

Once you see the breathtaking views and maintenance-free living you’ll fall in love with South Peak. The maintenance-free living allows you to spend more time with loved ones and take advantage of all the activities in the area. 

Whether you’re an empty nester looking for a maintenance-free lifestyle, or have a blossoming family with children seeking safety and fun activities for the kids, South Peak offers residents of a variety of ages to live together in a tight-knit community.

Residents enjoy many events The Peaks puts on and helps everyone feel like they’ve lived in the area for years. The community is one of the many things the residents love about The Peaks. There are always people to enjoy the amenities in the area, go to a top-notch restaurant, and share laughter with while taking in a gorgeous view of the mountains. 

Life in The Peaks

The lifestyle in The Peaks is a one of a kind. All residents rave about the endless outdoor activities; including, mountain biking, kayaking, and hiking. As well as the amazing restaurant and astonishing arts downtown. At The Peaks, you get the best of both worlds. Enjoyable ways to work on your health and wellness as well as a delightful night in the entertaining downtown. The Peaks truly do offer its residents the best experience at life.

Find The Perfect Place to Call Home

Life in the Peaks is a pleasurable experience, to say the least. Whether you want to lease or purchase a new home South Peak is able to accommodate your needs. The South Peak staff is available by phone to answer any questions about leasing and purchasing a home or renting a condo. They are happy to answer any questions and schedule a tour of the area.

Hiking Trails in Roanoke

The Best Hiking Trails in Roanoke, VA

Welcome to The South Peak Condos, located in the heart of beautiful Roanoke, Virginia, just thirty minutes away from Smith Mountain Lake. Explore the best hiking trails and find an activity that inspires your soul. Roanoke, Virginia is full of things to do and places to explore that can help you discover a deep appreciation for nature.

A Wealth of Activities

Roanoke, Virginia, is home to arts and culture, restaurants, and shopping, but if it’s outdoor activities you like best, then look no further. No matter if you prefer water sports or something on dry land, we’ve got you covered. The Roanoke area is home to the world-famous Appalachian Trail, Smith Mountain Lake, and Blue Ridge Parkway.

There is something for everyone. All you have to do is look around and pick an activity that sounds like fun, then give it a try. No matter if you like hiking or climbing, we have parks and trails to suit you and your level of fitness. There are miles of trails and dozens of parks, too many to list here.

Smith Mountain Lake

Located just half an hour from Roanoke, Smith Mountain Lake covers more than twenty thousand acres and has more than five hundred miles of shoreline. If your thing is water sports, there are public boat ramps available to use, as well as private marinas. The lake is also a favorite of kayakers, jet-skiing and water-boarding among other water sports.

However, if dry land is more to your liking, you will find endless scenic hiking trails all along the shoreline of Smith Mountain Lake, as well as hills for rock-climbing. There are also five different golf courses located around the lake, as well as Smith Mountain Lake State Park.

Blue Ridge Parkway

It’s called “America’s Favorite Drive,” and for good reason. It’s 469 miles long. It begins in the Smoky Mountain National Forest in North Carolina and goes all the way to Shanendoah National Park in Virginia. It is marked with mile posts, just like a highway. It passes through Roanoke, at mile marker 120.

The Blue Ridge Parkway follows the Appalacian Mountains, providing stunning scenery and expansive views. Here in Roanoke you can take advantage of hiking and biking trails, as well as hills to climb. You will, in short, never run out of places to discover.

Appalachian Trail

The world-famous Appalachian Trail is more than two thousand miles long, meandering all the way from Georgia to Maine. Five hundred miles of that go through Virginia, and 120 miles of it right in Roanoke itself.

With 120 miles of trails to choose from, you are sure to find one that suits your overall level of physical fitness as well as your experience in hiking. You can also bring a backpack and stop to admire the scenery from our shelters, which are three-sided structures that would allow you to temporarily camp without a tent.

Places to See

The Roanoke Valley area also boasts many parks for you to visit, including the Fairy Stone Park, home to its namesake Fairy Stones, outcroppings of rare minerals. Fairy Stone Park also has nine miles of trails, and if that’s not enough, a 168-acre lake.

All You Can Ask

No matter what your family or retirement situation, we can have you in a place of your own in no time. Just give us a call or visit our website.

dog-friendly restaurants in Roanoke

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Roanoke, VA

Roanoke, Virginia, also known as the Star City, is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains and is surrounded by green space and beautiful vistas. Dining in Roanoke offers endless possibilities to please every palate, from California-style Mexican Cuisine to classic American with an urban twist. Whether you’re wanting a casual breakfast or some late-night grub and cocktails with your pup, Roanoke offers many dog-friendly restaurants.

The Village Grill

If you’re looking for good ole classic American cuisine, The Village Grill serves up burgers, sandwiches, salads and entrees that have stood the test of time for over a decade. A staple in the historic Grandlin Village, this casual restaurant features a bocce ball court and outdoor stage that’s always booked for live music, no matter the weather. There are two patios with select dog-friendly seating areas.

Wasena City Tap Room

Open until 1am on the weekends, Wasena City Tap Room is a great place to take your dog if you’re ready to live it up a little. They offer 31 beers on tap and fun theme nights, including Monday Night Trivia. Located in the River House and right next door to a rock climbing gym, they use a brick oven and hard wood grill to give their food a signature flavor. Dogs are welcome on the patio

Alejandro’s Mexican Grill

Alejandro’s Mexican Grill – Hollins was established in 2007. Their menu is impressively large and features authentic West Coast-style Mexican food and California fusion, as well as award-winning margaritas. They have an extensive salsa bar, and the spacious patio at their Williamson Road location at Hollins provides plenty of room for you and your furry companion.

Famous Anthony’s

Famous Anthony’s boasts that their fame comes from serving generations of families since 1986. They have remained a family owned and operated business with a story “woven by their customers” and where you “visit once and you’re family.” Mr. Anthony himself may very well visit your table. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and allow dogs on their uncovered patio.


Scrambled is located in the Historic Market building and offers a fast, casual breakfast in a downtown setting. Open from 7am-2pm, they specialize in breakfast and brunch, including their Vanilla Flavored French Toast. They’ll gladly provide ice water for your canine companion on their large garden patio, where you can dine on one of their numerous Classic Scrambled Egg combos.

Whether you’re already a Roanoke resident or are relocating here with your canine companion, you’ll find dog-friendly hospitality in restaurants all around the area. Contact us to learn more about the luxury lifestyle community of South Peak, where you’ll be ideally located to fully experience all that Roanoke has to offer.

South Peak

Why South Peak Is The Best Place For Your Next Home

Escape to the mountains and settle down at South Peak, a premier luxury condominium in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Roanoke, VA. At The Peaks, we work hard and play harder. South Peak is perfectly situated close to beautiful hiking trails, fine dining, and downtown shopping. At The Peaks, relaxation comes naturally as you enjoy the beauty of nature coupled with convenient access to all of the amenities of the city. The Peaks are a tight-knit community where you can experience luxury living high up in the mountains. Choose from eleven different floor plans at The Peaks or one of our private homes at The Estates. 

Luxury Living at South Peak 

Whether you plan to live at The Peaks full-time or if your condominium will be a home away from home, we can promise you will enjoy a top-notch experience. At the Peaks, enjoy custom luxury finishes that are uniquely different than any other townhouse or condo in the Roanoke Valley. Our condominiums are maintenance-free, elegantly designed with meticulous attention to detail, and feature extraordinary mountain views. Work up a sweat at our state-of-the-art fitness center, or take a peaceful walk through the beautiful forests surrounding South Peak. For dinner, grill out on the patio or whip up a delicious meal in your gourmet kitchen, then cozy up by the outdoor fireplace with s’mores and a glass of wine. 

Classic Floor Plans at South Peak

At The Peaks, we offer one, two, and three bedroom layouts to best suit your needs. Each floor plan includes a private covered porch, an indoor brick fireplace, and beautiful views of the surrounding mountain ranges. For a single household, tour the Patrick Henry, our one bedroom floor plan of 810 square feet. If you’re looking to expand into a two bedroom, we offer nine different floor plans that range from 1,287 square feet to 2,312 square feet. Need something larger? Take a look at the Thomas Jefferson, our spacious three bedroom condominium at exactly 2,342 square feet.

Close-Knit Community 

Residents enjoy a strong sense of community at The Peaks, with friendly neighbors who share common interests and a love of the outdoors. At The Peaks, we host fun year-round events that are the perfect opportunity to make friends or try a new hobby. At the Peaks, enjoy an ease of living that gives you more time to spend with your family and on your passions. Downtown Roanoke is only a short ten minute drive away, and offers a variety of outdoor activities and an appealing arts and culture scene.  

Contact Us

Come fall in love with mountain living and schedule your tour today at South Peak. We can’t wait to introduce you to the beauty and splendor of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the convenience of our maintenance-free homes, and our wonderful community here at The Peaks.

Benefits of Shared Communities

Benefits of Shared Communities 4 Ways

Social interactions and engagements play a key role in one’s mental health and happiness, and “intentional communities” that foster those important personal connections are taking off in popularity. Shared communities offer group activities and an opportunity to meet like-minded neighbors, two factors that are very appealing to adults looking for engagement and support. Here are four benefits of shared communities.

  1. Expand Your Social Circle 

The most important benefit of a shared community is the inherent opportunity to expand your social circle and more easily meet others. Humans have an innate desire to socialize and bond over mutual experiences, but the modern world can sometimes feel incredibly isolating as technology continuously replaces face-to-face communication. Over 40% of American adults suffer from loneliness, according to a recent study by AARP. This number is especially bleak when you consider that numerous other studies correlate strong social connections with better physical health. A shared community is one of the best living arrangements to help alleviate loneliness and create a broader social network . 

  1. Receive Support When Needed 

When living in a shared space, you have an entire community available who can help and support you when needed. Whether you’re having car troubles and need a jump or you’re out of milk, a community of friendly faces is an ideal place for those who appreciate a little help from a friend. If you’re concerned about crime, living in a shared community is significantly more safe than a traditional neighborhood. Unfamiliar people stand out within the community, and the close proximity to others is a key deterrent for potential criminal activity. 

  1. Share Community Costs  

It’s no secret that the cost of living has steadily increased year over year, which makes it difficult to find a competitively-priced home or vacation residence. Shared communities are an effective solution to this problem by allowing members to split the cost of the overall residence and the amenities. Maybe a large pool, home gym, or cozy outdoor fire pit weren’t within budget when you were considering purchasing a single-family home, but a shared community can make those types of amenities affordable. 

  1. Live Sustainably 

Another benefit of shared communities is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than other common living arrangements. If you are someone who enjoys nature and the outdoors, you will likely find satisfaction in a living style that reduces your carbon footprint and conserves resources. A shared community reduces pollution by sharing utilities and amenities, making it a sustainable option for the eco-conscious. 

Contact Us

Enjoy all of the benefits of shared communities at South Peak, an upscale luxury community in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our beautiful apartments are newly renovated and offer incredible views of the nearby mountain scenery. Take a peaceful walk through forests in your “backyard” or take a short drive to downtown Roanoke for the benefits of both suburban and city living. Schedule a tour today and come see for yourself everything that South Peak has to offer.

Exercise Can Increase Productivity

Exercise Can Increase Productivity in 4 Ways

Exercise is an excellent method of achieving weight loss, improving general health, and even increasing one’s productivity. Increased blood flow to the brain helps with concentration, memory, and focus, and exercise is proven to relieve stress and manage anxiety. Whether your aim is to achieve more at work or accomplish daily projects, here are four ways exercise can increase productivity. 

  1. Elevated Mood 

Physical activity releases endorphins and raises your brain’s dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine levels, resulting in a naturally elevated mood. Exercising in the morning or early afternoon has shown the best results for boosting productivity and mental focus. Regular physical activity can also help with managing ADHD symptoms along with depression and anxiety. Exercise can help you feel stronger and more comfortable in your body, leading to an increased sense of self-esteem and confidence. 

  1. Reduced Stress 

Studies suggest that moderate exercise for at least thirty minutes five days a week is best for boosting productivity and reducing stress. A workout routine that is customized for one’s specific health needs has been shown to reduce stress and cortisol levels in the body. Taking a brisk walk or a relaxing yoga class helps clear your mind and is also a healthy outlet for releasing built up tension. Lower stress levels correlate with improved productivity and alertness, making it easier to check tasks off of your long to-do list. 

  1. Raised Energy Levels 

When you’re working out consistently, your sleep patterns improve, allowing you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Quality sleep leads to increased energy levels while you’re awake. Experts suggest that low-intensity workouts are the best for raising your energy levels to help boost productivity since higher-intensity workouts can lead to fatigue early on. Some of the best exercises for improved productivity include walking, yoga, pilates, strength training, and aerobic exercises. To help you stay engaged with regular workouts, choose the form of exercise you enjoy the most. 

  1. Improved Motivation 

Another way exercise increase work productivity is it increases concentration and focus which also leads to improved motivation to complete your tasks for the day. A study by Briston University of 200 employees found that a workout routine boosted motivation, and thereby productivity, by 41%. In the same study, participants also scored 21% higher for concentration, 22% higher for meeting deadlines, and 25% higher for working consistently without breaks, all from a change in their exercise patterns. Ask your doctor for help creating a personalized fitness routine that can help you achieve your physical and mental health goals. 

At South Peak, Roanoke’s premier luxury home community, nature is only a step outside your door. Enjoy a stroll through the beautiful surrounding forests or take a short drive to hike or kayak down the nearby mountains and rivers. Schedule your tour today and come see for yourself the incredible homes and amenities we have to offer at South Peak.