Benefits of Shared Communities

Benefits of Shared Communities 4 Ways

Social interactions and engagements play a key role in one’s mental health and happiness, and “intentional communities” that foster those important personal connections are taking off in popularity. Shared communities offer group activities and an opportunity to meet like-minded neighbors, two factors that are very appealing to adults looking for engagement and support. Here are four benefits of shared communities.

  1. Expand Your Social Circle 

The most important benefit of a shared community is the inherent opportunity to expand your social circle and more easily meet others. Humans have an innate desire to socialize and bond over mutual experiences, but the modern world can sometimes feel incredibly isolating as technology continuously replaces face-to-face communication. Over 40% of American adults suffer from loneliness, according to a recent study by AARP. This number is especially bleak when you consider that numerous other studies correlate strong social connections with better physical health. A shared community is one of the best living arrangements to help alleviate loneliness and create a broader social network . 

  1. Receive Support When Needed 

When living in a shared space, you have an entire community available who can help and support you when needed. Whether you’re having car troubles and need a jump or you’re out of milk, a community of friendly faces is an ideal place for those who appreciate a little help from a friend. If you’re concerned about crime, living in a shared community is significantly more safe than a traditional neighborhood. Unfamiliar people stand out within the community, and the close proximity to others is a key deterrent for potential criminal activity. 

  1. Share Community Costs  

It’s no secret that the cost of living has steadily increased year over year, which makes it difficult to find a competitively-priced home or vacation residence. Shared communities are an effective solution to this problem by allowing members to split the cost of the overall residence and the amenities. Maybe a large pool, home gym, or cozy outdoor fire pit weren’t within budget when you were considering purchasing a single-family home, but a shared community can make those types of amenities affordable. 

  1. Live Sustainably 

Another benefit of shared communities is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than other common living arrangements. If you are someone who enjoys nature and the outdoors, you will likely find satisfaction in a living style that reduces your carbon footprint and conserves resources. A shared community reduces pollution by sharing utilities and amenities, making it a sustainable option for the eco-conscious. 

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