A Brief History of Roanoke, VA

Roanoke, VA has a fascinating history from its early days as a transportation hub to its present-day existence. Today, it’s a tourist hotspot where nature and civilization come together in one beautiful town. This city is a perfect example of a historic American town, and will be long into the future.

Early Beginnings

Originally known as the town of “Big Lick”, it wasn’t until 1882 that the name was changed to Roanoke. Two years later it would become charted as the independent city of Roanoke. This is a status it holds to this very day. As previously mentioned, it was home to some of the most heavily traveled roads in the country. This included the Great Indian Warpath. This passage later merged into the Great Wagon Road, as well as the Carolina and Wilderness Roads.

The Modern Era

Starting in the 1850’s, Roanoke was a major part of the railway system in the United States. It was a key part of the Virginia Railway.  The Virginia Railway was, at the time, one of the most impressive engineering feats of its day. It also transported the local coal, which was used by half of the world’s navies. The finest steam locomotives in the world were manufactured here until diesel-electric became the industry standard.

Today’s Roanoke

Modern day Roanoke continues to distinguish itself in many different ways. These include its tourism industry and unique setting as a mountain town in an urban destination. There are all sorts of different attractions in town. These include several world-class restaurants for foodies to appreciate. There is also a vibrant arts and culture scene. Roanoke boasts historical museums, a symphony, and the Roanoke Performing Arts Theatre, which hosts everything from Broadway tours to the Miss Virginia Pageant.  In Roanoke, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether it’s hiking on beautiful mountain paths or going shopping in town, Roanoke is sure to please. Looking for your own slice of paradise in the valley? Contact us at South Peak today!

SouthPeak, Roanoke Valley’s Premier Luxury Community


South Peak provides residents with the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains combined with all of the amenities expected of luxury development. Enjoy astonishing amenities, beautiful views, and maintenance-free living, all within the vibrant community of South Peak. Also, explore all that the Roanoke Valley has to offer from outdoor recreation to shopping and dining, arts and culture, as well as so much more. You have truly arrived at the definition of Luxury. Come visit our property today and see firsthand how accessible Luxury Living can truly be.

Dining & Shopping


Over the past decade, the Roanoke region has experienced a resurgence in fine dining and retail. Our diverse community has led to an equally diverse culinary atmosphere. Downtown and the entire region offer a wide variety of dining choices to satisfy any palate, and includes everything from steak houses to Indian delicacies. If food is your passion, the Roanoke region is a perfect place to make home.


The region also offers many shopping and retail choices similar to those of larger cities. National big box stores, small boutiques, and everything in between allow local residents to experience fine shopping with a convenience you can only find in the Roanoke region.

To check out the region’s many dining and retail options, please visit and Get2KnowNoke

Outdoors & Recreation


The Roanoke region is a destination location for outdoor adventures of all kinds. Hikers enjoy easy access to the Appalachian Trail and the many other day and overnight hikes within short driving distance. Smith Mountain Lake, with over 500 miles of shoreline, is only 30 minutes away and offers a wide range of aquatic, golf and dining experiences, and includes some of the best bass fishing in the southeastern United States. The region also has some of the best mountain and street biking in the state, and features challenges for riders of all ages and skill levels.

To learn more about the region’s many outdoor activities, please visit


Arts & Culture

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 3.41.15 PM

The Roanoke region has an active and vibrant arts community. The Taubman Museum of Art features internationally-renowned works of art, while the building itself was designed by architect Randall Stout, a Frank Gehry protégé. Mill Mountain Theatre conducts year-round professional theatre showcasing national troupes as well as local performers and performances. A redeveloped former high school, the Jefferson Center, offers a wide variety of international touring musical acts and theatrical performances. And the Berglund Center/Berglund Performing Arts Theatre hosts international musical performances, stand-up comedy and many other world-class entertainment options.

To learn more about the vibrant arts and cultural life of Roanoke and the region, please visit Get2KnowNoke and The Berglund Center


Things to Do When Visiting Roanoke, VA

If you are a fan of Virginia’s Blue Ridge, then Roanoke will be a treat for you and your loved ones. In fact, this particular city is a great option for anyone who is hoping to relax and take their minds off the busy city life, or those who simply want to go on a holiday. Roanoke is a great combination of local culture, good food, museums, and breweries and also boasts a plethora of outdoor activities for the more physically-inclined. In fact, this city is widely known to be a treat for outdoor people and those who want a bit of fresh air and rejuvenation. Here are a few things you can do when you visit Roanoke, VA.

Golf Courses

If you are a golf lover, you will have plenty of fun in Roanoke. There is quite the variety of golf courses to give you the challenge you are looking for and also the scenery in which you’d love to play. Here, a disc golfer can enjoy nine-hole course at Fishburn and Highland Park, or, if you are looking for something more challenging, the Greenfield Disc Golf Course with its plethora of options. For the more experienced golfer, the 18 holes in Franklin County Recreation Park will give you the challenge you require.


If you are looking for places to visit in Roanoke, VA, then its spectacular outdoor activities and environment should be more than enough to convince you to take a trip. Hiking is a particularly popular activity in Roanoke, with a number of trails crossing all over the state. One of the most popular of these is the Appalachian and McAfee Knob trails which form an 8.8-mile round trip. The highlight of this trail is the spectacular views from McAfee Knob.

Food Tours

Roanoke will not disappoint foodies, either, with plenty of cuisine to keep them occupied. The local food tours are one of the best things to do in Roanoke, VA. You can indulge your taste buds while learning about the rich cultural heritage the city has to offer. Foodies are sure to love the three-hour food tour that goes through some of the most distinguished places in the city. While on this tour, you will get to taste some of the best foods in the area while also getting to see the city’s most significant landmarks. You can expect to visit some local eateries that have been in around for many years and contributed heavily to the city’s food culture.

While visiting Roanoke, VA, you will be exposed to a wide range of activities that will show you the beauty and intense culture the city has to offer. What’s more, you will get to interact with the lively people and learn of the rich culture there. And if you are looking for some accommodation, there is a premier community that will provide you with a serene environment and the comfort you need.

Roanoke, Virginia is a wonderful place with a wonderful array of activities. Every member of the family will surely find something they enjoy amongst the Blue Ridge Mountains. Nestled in the Shenandoah Valley, find your perfect slice of paradise in Roanoke!

Visiting Roanoke, VA

Roanoke is located in Virginia’s Roanoke Valley with a vast wealth of history. It is surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and boasts a beautiful skyline, including the iconic Roanoke Star. Roanoke is a vibrant city jostling with about 6000 inhabitants in luxurious communities such as South Peak. If you ever happen to be in Roanoke, here are a few exciting things to look forward to.

Things to do in Roanoke, VA

  1. Rent a condo

One of the really great things about Roanoke is the luxurious life it offers. If you and your loved ones are looking for a relaxing experience, South Peak Living is the place for you. With vintage charm and a modern mix of style, you will sure get the best of both worlds. Book a private condo for a weekend here

  1. Climb McAfee Knob

The McAfee Knob is known first for its unbridled course, coupled with its vertical 20-foot edges that will take even the most experienced hiker days to climb. The hike, summit to summit, will take days to complete. However, visitors can enjoy a shorter trek to see the incredible view in only a few hours. Whichever you choose, it is sure to be a rewarding experience. Consider taking friends along for the ride!

  1. Visit the Carvins Cove Natural Reserve

The natural reserve, the biggest in the state of Virginia and the second-largest in America, is home to one of the longest off-road mountain bike trails in the world. If you are a first-timer, you will find that the first rise is what feels just right. If you are all about conservation, however, then the cove is just as ideal. The reserve also offers camping options for individuals and groups.

  1. Try out a new restaurant

Roanoke boasts of a large number of great restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. From fine dining to food trucks, there is something for everyone at Roanoke. Besides, the area’s vast heritage ensures that all cultures have representation in Roanoke. Most restaurants have chefs trained in their respective traditions, ensuring that the menus are authentic to the last detail. In Roanoke, you can be sure to get the very best of fine dining, and at affordable prices. This is easily one of the most rewarding things to do in Roanoke, VA.

  1. Visit the Mill Mountain Theatre

The culture and rich tradition of Roanoke will carry the day any day. In any case, a visit just isn’t complete until you have sampled the theatre, with its prestigious performers from all around the world. The national museum will also indulge you as you view art pieces that are as old as Roanoke itself. If you are looking to learn the history of Roanoke, the museum would be the ideal place to begin.

All in all, both the outdoors and the indoors are great places to visit in Roanoke, VA. If your time is split wisely between both, you can get a firsthand rich experience on how awesome it would be to live in this amazing city. And for more information about luxury condos to rent while you’re here, reach out to the team at South Peak Condos today!



Luxury Living in Roanoke

South Peak is known as one of the most luxurious communities in the Roanoke Valley area – but what does that statement really mean? The word “luxurious” has seen a lot of use in advertising, describing things ranging from vacation cruises to checkout line candy bars. For some, the word has lost meaning. Others hear it and are immediately skeptical. Given all of this preconceived opinion, it’s not unreasonable to raise an eyebrow when you see or hear the term used to describe a community. But South Peak’s beautiful housing, gorgeous surroundings, and accommodating downtown really do live up to the reputation. If you’re searching for true luxury living in Roanoke, the community at South Peak can’t be beat.

How to Live a Luxurious Lifestyle

Wondering how you, too can live a life of luxury? Here are a few of the things you can do in a South Peak home.

Explore the outdoors.

As a community, South Peak has its feet in two different worlds. The maintenance-free condos have all the modern conveniences and come in a variety of builds, welcoming single living to full-fledged families. Meanwhile, near-by Blue Ridge Mountains are a great host for outdoor recreation enthusiasts as well as quiet exploration. Numerous hiking trails spread throughout the valley, some leading to the Appalachian Trail. Being in such close proximity to mountains is something many people never get to achieve, but those living in South Peak can see them every day—some even from their homes. Nature plays a big role in the community, and as such outdoor activities are plenty, including incredible fishing and golf.

Arts and Live Entertainment

The Appalachia region was known as a thriving arts community many years ago, and Roanoke carries that tradition proudly. Local art and craft fairs abound, as does the love of music and performance. The Mill Mountain Theatre carries a great deal of prestige, attracting performers not just from across the nation, but from around the world. And as part of its year-round show schedule, local performers are also showcased. It’s an awesome example of showcasing not just an art, but the artists in the community as well. Theater has a big place in the heart of Roanoke: besides Mill Mountain Theatre, it’s also home to the Jefferson Centre and Berglund Performing Arts Center. Their stages host a wide range of live art performances.

Amazing Food

If you want to live a luxurious life in Roanoke, you’ll be doing your fair share of dining, made all the more tempting by the diverse range of options available to you. As the community has grown through the decades and people from different walks of life have come to call Roanoke home, outside cultures have had a profound influence on the culinary scene. The Virginia food tradition stands tall alongside cuisines from different regions of America and the globe itself. You’ll never be at a loss to find something you love, and there’s no shortage of new tastes to explore. If you’re wondering how to live a luxurious life, it’s hard to find a better example than indulgent, rich food every day.

For more information about South Peak, reach out to us today.

Effects of Nature on the Quality of Life

Human beings have lived surrounded by nature for most of their existence. Only recently in human history did we begin to build large, modern cities. People can become stressed from living so close together, which may mean compromised immune systems, shortened life spans, and increased stress.

Human beings don’t need to live in the wild to get the benefits of nature. Areas with generously-sized parks will still have enough greenery to help residents attain nature’s health benefits. This can even be true in small natural oases in populated cities; for example, New York City with its Central Park. You can improve quality of life by using available green space.

Many kinds of positive effects occur with regular visits to parks or woods. Cognition improves, depression lessens, and systolic blood pressure drops, as does overall stress drops. Mental focus improves to the point that even those with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) experience improvement in their condition. In general, most mental illnesses seem to respond positively to time spent in nature.

It would also appear that spending regular time in a natural setting encourages people to lead a healthier lifestyle. Part of this may come from decreased dependence on things like drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, after regular exposure to green space. That, in turn, helps restore the natural balance of the body.

How can you benefit routinely from nature, yet still live in a sizeable city? One could buy wooded land and build a house on the property. However, it would be much more reasonable to take advantage of wooded areas and undeveloped land around your own home. One such example is South Peak’s development of condominiums and single-family homes in the Roanoke Valley. There are forests, a large lake, trails for hiking, and many other kinds of encounters with nature. If you are not as adventurous, there are spectacular views of nature through the windows of the residences.

Other natural treasures include the Blue Ridge Mountains and Appalachian Trail. There are a half-dozen sizeable parks in the area, and some of them allow camping which could extend your time with nature to an entire weekend.

There are many ways to be involved with all the natural benefits South Peak has to offer. You can purchase one of our condominiums or single-family homes as a getaway from your permanent residence. This would allow you flexibility to maintain your current lifestyle while having a place to “get away from it all.” However, if you are ready for a more drastic change, you can begin a new chapter in your life by moving to one of our beautiful residences full time.

If you would like more information, or advice on how to purchase a residence in South Peak, contact us and ask about our vision for the community. We’ll be glad to talk to you and help you with any questions about our properties and how living here can help improve your quality of life.

Life With Altitude

It would be difficult to find a better style of living than in South Peak, Virginia. If you enjoy gorgeous mountain views out your front window, a safe neighborhood, an active lifestyle, and superb city offerings nearby, this slice of heaven has your name on it. Located in the beautiful Roanoke Valley, South Peak lies in the heart of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and has just about everything you could want and more.

Living at the Peaks in the Blue Ridge Mountains is an indescribable experience. With options to either lease or purchase a new home, you can try out the area with a lease or simply visit it once, fall in love, and call your moving company. With finely appointed homes that have luxury amenities galore, all you need to bring is a mountain bike, some hiking shoes, and a kayak to settle right in.


A LifeStyle to be Envied

If you decide to make The Peaks your new home, you will have the convenience of maintenance-free living to allow for more time with family and friends as you delve into the natural surroundings and quality city living. From the great outdoors to top-notch restaurants and an amazing arts scene downtown, you can spend half a day kayaking, come home to freshen up, and then head downtown to round out your day. This is where the Roanoke Mountains meet the metro life and it’s just waiting to be explored.


Where to Go When You Go Out

When you live at The Peaks, you have nearby access to one of America’s most scenic roads – the Blue Ridge Parkway. You can take the “Family Roadster” out for a cruise on the weekend and stop at scenic overviews, friendly wineries, or at a pick-your-own-fruit farm. If you want to stay overnight, you will find numerous cabins, cottages and campgrounds spread along the Parkway.

If you would rather stroll than drive, take the gang downtown where numerous farmers’ markets offer locally grown produce such as peaches, apples, fresh greens, tomatoes and much more. These local markets also feature items such as fresh-baked bread and desserts, and many local artists have booths featuring blown glass, ceramics, jewelry and more. If you desire more than casual walking, the famous Appalachian Trail is just down the road. Life at The Peaks really does have everything that life can offer.


Finely Appointed Condominiums

Whether you are raising a family, enjoying your retirement, or are an upwardly mobile single, the lifestyle at The Peaks is easily adaptable to your needs. The luxury amenities are sure to pique your interest and have something for even the most sophisticated of tastes.

If you enjoy beautiful views, great year-round weather and a vibrant city scene, check out availability of finely appointed homes at The Peaks in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Take a look at their website for more information and to find out how to move forward with the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Relaxation and Nature in Roanoke

There are so many reasons people come to the area of Roanoke. Some come for adventure and excitement in any number of outdoor activities. Others also want to enjoy nature, but at a more peaceful pace. For these folks, casual hiking, bird or wildlife watching, and canoe trips can be a lot of fun. Still others look to relax in the budding metro area with a diverse dining scene, several local breweries, a growing downtown with shops, and the town of Grandin.

Virginia’s Blue Ridge

The historic and beautiful mountains, along with the rises and dips in elevation, make Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains a favorite of not only hikers and cyclists, but drivers as well. The scenic views and fresh mountain air help to revive the body and mind. For many people, retreats to this area are a multiple-times-a-year “must”.

The entire range, known officially as the Blue Ridge Parkway, is nearly 470 miles long and stretches from Virginia to North Carolina. There are numerous mile markers and landmarks for travelers, as well as historic buildings and structures, waterfalls, and walking trails along the way. This is why it’s so popular with all types of travel. You can make your hike as short or as far as you’d like and you’re sure to run into an incredible view or historical site.


Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is quite possibly America’s favorite hiking region. Not only that, but there are countless other hikes within a short driving distance that can challenge and satisfy any skill or interest level in hiking. Overnight hikes, as well as some that offer fishing and other activities, are available as well.

To truly get the full Blue Ridge experience, however, you have to dedicate yourself to different modes of exploration. To see all this region has to offer, you need to do some climbing, biking, and paddling in addition to hiking. There are also lakes which have hundreds of miles of shoreline, as well as fantastic ATV and off-road vehicle trails. This area is also the mountain and street biking capital of the eastern United States.


Parks and Wildlife Near Roanoke

The outdoor activities available in this region, particularly the parks and wildlife near Roanoke, are simply too numerous to list or go over one by one. To give you an idea of the various options you have when it comes to entertainment and relaxation in nature, here are some examples:


  • Fairy Stone State Park
  • Clayton Lake State Park
  • Smith Mountain Lake State Park
  • Douthat State Park
  • New River Trail State Park
  • Natural Bridge State Park

These parks offer hiking and camping options to suit every skill level of outdoor enthusiast. Many of the trails have structures available to use for cover or shelter when camping overnight. There are often restrooms and other amenities available as well.

The wildlife adventures you can have all depend on what you prefer. You can go fishing if you are looking for sport, or you can simply go birding and animal watching if you just want to get a glimpse of nature. Horseback riding through various trails and local zoos are other attractions for animal lovers as well.

One thing is certain – you’re sure to love your time in Roanoke and create memories that last a lifetime.

Roanoke Virginia

Where can you go if you’re hoping to find luxury living in the South Peak area? Look no further – the designers at South Peak have you covered. Take a look at just a few of the reasons you should consider a Roanoke condo.


South Peak, Roanoke, Virginia

South Peak is a luxury community with beautiful scenery that provides plenty of things to do whether you have a full family or are looking for a new place as an empty-nester. As South Peak, Roanoke, Virginia continues to grow, so too does South Peak’s luxury condominium offerings. The area is surrounded by a vibrant culture complete with family-oriented and run restaurants in the area as well as all sorts of physical activities to keep you busy and healthy. From outdoor recreation, shopping, museums or zoos, there are plenty of ways to stay occupied.


The Peaks

The Peaks is a luxury community ready to welcome you home. The community offers a maintenance-free lifestyle that enables residents to spend time with their families, go away on extended vacations worry-free, or even just spend their days enjoying the hobbies that make them happy. The best part? The customizable aspect of the condominiums, of course. There are three different layout options that can be seen online.

Besides the different styles of layouts, there are also several floor plans that can meet your needs for condo-size whether you’re enjoying single living or need space for a large family. The condos feature a wide array of amenities, including walk-in closets and spacious kitchens. If you’re looking for a two-bedroom condo or larger, you’ll find a wealth of options at your fingertips. With nine different options for the layout and size of all of the spaces in the condo, there are plenty of choices at The Peaks to suit even the most exacting of needs.


Roanoke Townhouses

At the Estates, you have the chance to build your own home in this luxury community. There are a limited number of Roanoke townhouses available, however, which means that you’ll want to reach out to South Peak as quickly as possible to reserve your spot and customize your new home. The area has plenty to love, with a rich culture and arts community that embraces active artists as well as hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. Don’t wait too long to act – the community is meant to be spacious and luxurious, and it won’t end up overfilled. The residents expect a certain level of friendly design and open space, and that’s exactly what South Peak aims to provide.

As the community in South Peak, Roanoke, Virginia continues to grow, so does the vibrant social activity in the area. New business and shops designed to help meet the resident’s needs and provide a convenient and truly worry-free living experience are opening every day. The designers at South Peak are committed to providing an unforgettable and unbeatable residential experience in their communities. Reach out for more information – you won’t regret it.

The Plan to Save Roanoke’s Tanglewood Corridor

Roanoke County, Virginia, stands as the largest metropolitan area in the southwest region of the state. However, economic disturbances and retailer uncertainty have left their mark on Roanoke Valley, causing visible signs of decline and leaving some to wonder if the area can recover. One major culprit is the Tanglewood Mall. Once a bustling center of activity, the mall has struggled alongside others across the country. While the empty storefronts and low traffic are evidence of hard times, Roanoke Valley continues to provide both residents and visitors a high quality of life in its rural and urban areas, not to mention its natural beauty.


Revitalizing Roanoke Valley

But even those positive factors find themselves at risk. That’s why 2016 saw the beginning of a study and eventual plan to revitalize the area known as the 419/Tanglewood corridor to meet the needs of businesses and residents and to attract more of both to Roanoke Valley. After several hearings where current residents and those in the surrounding area voiced their concerns and hopes for the future of the Valley, development began on a plan focused on a common thread that ran throughout those discussions. The plan calls for a new layout of walkways, sidewalks, and bike paths to connect neighborhoods with one another while utilizing once vacant buildings for new mixed-use town centers. This has become known as the 419 Town Center Plan.

Throughout the 80s and 90s, cities and towns across the country focused on building commercial centers and larger roads. The input received during the plan’s development process showed a stronger desire for a tighter sense of community instead, where neighbors would feel closer to each other. Residents have also expressed the desire to attract new businesses to the area by renovating downtown and main street areas.


Renovating Roanoke’s Neighborhoods

The plan also includes efforts to renovate the homes in neighborhoods as well. One such neighborhood is South Peak, which aims to combine luxurious living with Roanoke’s beautiful scenery. Surrounded by wooded areas and spectacular views of the area’s mountains, South Peak hopes to attract new demographics to the area that will help it thrive economically and culturally. At the end of its renovation period, South Peak will boast single-family homes and condos, seven office buildings located conveniently near downtown, and the construction of new retail spaces that will appeal to national retailers. South Peak strives for all of this while remaining connected to and playing a role in the greater 419 area.

As originally conceived, the 419 Town Center Plan to revive the Tanglewood corridor will take a decade. In the years that have passed since those first hearings, interest in the large-scale renovation of the area has continued to gain interest, and not just locally. Areas facing similar dilemmas to Roanoke are looking to the project and closely watching its progress, hoping it may provide a solution for them as well. If it does, neighborhoods like South Peak Roanoke, Virginia may become an increasingly common—and popular.